Rants and rAVes — Episode 844: Peerless-AV’s InfoComm 2019 Will Include Torture Chambers, MiLB and the rAVe RADIO HQ

Nick Belcore, the EVP of Peerless-AV, refers to their in-booth dunking station and debris box, that demo the rigidity of their Xtreme Outdoor Displays, as ‘torture chambers’ — and, that’s basically what they are. No other manufacturer has ever shot a paint gun or submersed a monitor totally underwater just to prove they can literally withstand anything, and still operate. But, Peerless-AV does; and will. 

Nick joined Gary on his podcast today to explain why they’ll do this again at InfoComm 2019 in booth 3429 next month as well as to talk about their newly minted, exclusive relationship with MiLB (Minor League Baseball).  In addition, they both talk about why the home of rAVe RADIO — and the 50+ podcasts we will record LIVE from InfoComm 2019 — will be right smack-dab in the middle of the Peerless-AV booth. Listen and make sure you plan to stop by Peerless-AV in booth 3429 as their Extreme Outdoor Displays are ON while they’re being tortured, too!