Rants and rAVes — Episode 769: Want to Hear FROM Extron on Why They Think Their NAV AV-over-IP System is Better?

Rants and rAVes —

Yesterday, Extron officially launched their NAV Series of AV-over-IP products — with claims of not only better performance than everyone else but also claiming they use much less bandwidth, too. If you missed the announcement, here it is.

Gary wanted more questions answered than were on there press release or the Extron website. So, he asked Extron’s Manager of Product Marketing, Andrew Evans  to join him for some straight talk about the claims. Why does Extron think their AV-over-IP line is better than the others and how are they differentiating themselves? This podcast answers all of those questions along with the one’s you’d likely want answered, too, including, when will it ship, how does it work, what about network security and many others. Andrew is candid in his responses — even when not answering the question of how much NAV costs. You’ll enjoy this one-on-one deep-dive into NAV and it should answer all the questions you may have. Oh, and he even gets Andrew to answer the biggie — will Extron participate in an industry-wide AV-over-IP shoot-out? Listen!

Extron’s NAV line is here.