PureLink Adds New Modular Fiber Extenders to HDTools

OLCIII-SIDEnSIDE-4-0816PureLink introduces the HOF1 Tx/Rx and OLC III Tx/Rx One-Fiber Extension Systems for HDMI and DVI to its line of HDTools long-range extension solutions. Both models feature modular/detachable transmitter and receiver pairs that claim to simplify integration.

The HOF1 Tx/Rx provides extension of Ultra HD/4K HDMI, embedded audio, RS232 and bi-directional IR to distances up to 1,000 meters, all over a single-strand multi-mode fiber optic cable.

hof-news-0816The OLC III Tx/Rx extends DVI content up to 300 meters using multi-mode fiber optic cabling to deliver HD video signals, EDID data, and HDCP over fiber in what they claims is real time.

With lower attenuation than copper cables, fiber is becoming a choice for long runs and high data rates. Fiber is immune to electromagnetic interference, providing optimal signal transmission and is readily used in government or corporate applications where data security is crucial or required.

Both the HOF1 Tx/Rx and OLC III Tx/Rx extension systems can be combined with PureLink’s TotalWire two-strand or four-strand LC-terminated fiber optic cables to maintain signal transport and optimal picture quality.

Here are the specs.