ProVideoInstruments Launches Intelligent Decoder for Smart Video Streaming

Orlando, Fla. – October 29, 2018 – ProVideoInstruments, a leading innovator and manufacturer of video distribution products, announces an intelligent decoder, the VePlayer, for simplified 4K, 4:4:4 and Dolby Vision HDR video streaming and flexible installation.

The patented VePlayer, a revolutionary solution for video distribution, enabling any TV to access any content and stream content available from any network. With the ability to play up to four streams per TV in mosaic mode, the VePlayer is the ideal solution for video walls. The VePlayer creates a simplified and immediate solution for create a video wall stream and aggregating multiple TVs at once. Featuring a free, remote-controlled application, the VePlayer can be setup with configurable buttons to customize for any scenario and connection, whether it’s a single TV or multiple TVs. The VePlayer is different from any other software because it can be controlled by any third-party control software or automation, meanwhile, overcoming the typical limits of smart TVs and other smart devices.

“The VePlayer is unlike any other device on the market because access directly the streams from anywhere, including YouTube, Facebook Live, encoder or other device and builds any television into an intelligent device,” said Eduardo Colon, International Sales Manager for ProVideoInstruments. “The VePlayer can be controlled by any third-party interfaces, which is not currently available from any other manufacturers.”

Ideal for sports bars and restaurants, retail stores, government facilities and hospitality, the VePlayer can create a simple quad-split video wall in seconds. Users can take a stream from anywhere, including YouTube, Facebook Live, and more, and easily integrate it with the VePlayer. By integrating the VeCASTER with the VePlayer, users can even integrate their own content. The VePlayer can be zoomed to fit a video wall with streams from different locations – all controlled through the simple-to-use interface from ProVideoInstruments.

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