MSE Audio Launches Rockustics OneSub and DubSub

MSE Audio just launched the Rockustics OneSub and DubSub subwoofers for outdoor audio experiences. The Rockustics OneSub and DubSub are designed with rock enclosures and built to withstand rain, frost, snow and ice. The OneSub is a stand-alone, passive subwoofer that requires a sub amplifier with an active crossover. The DubSub performs as a sub/sat system. With the DubSub, integrators can wire two additional, full-range speakers to the DubSub to create a three speaker system, which can be powered by any traditional amplifier without the need for a subwoofer amplifier or external crossover. Available in gray, sandstone and brown, the OneSub and DubSub are designed to be kept outdoors during their entire lifespan, even in cold-weather climates.

The Rockustics OneSub, an 8″ subwoofer, and the DubSub, an 8″ dual-voice coil subwoofer, feature an 4-ohm impedance, 8″ polypropylene subwoofer and a frequency response of 38 to 100Hz. Here are the details.