ProSource Expands Exclusive Lighting Technology Certification Level 2 Training Classes for 2022


ProSource, the largest audio, video, and integration buying group in the United States, announced the expansion of the Lighting Technology Certification (LTC) Level 2 training classes for 2022. The exclusive, hands-on training at the proprietary ProSource Lighting Technology Learning Center (LTLC) at the Dallas Market Center is scheduled to host quarterly sessions with a maximum of 25 attendees per class throughout the year.

The member-only ProSource Certification program was announced last summer when the online Level 1 Certification went live on the proprietary ProSource University LMS platform. To date, 129 students have completed the requisite Level 1 coursework to qualify for the Level 2 training, and 48 individuals have completed the Level 2 in-person training via the first session offered in October and the most recent January 2022 class. And as part of an overall ProSource brand refresh, a new logo for the Lighting Technology Certification debuts this month.

“We are delighted with the popularity of the ProSource Lighting Technology Certification training,” said Andy Orozco, Vice President Business Development, ProSource. “Our members recognize the value of offering their customers the opportunity to add lighting to their projects. Our members’ success can be measured by the positive impact to their bottom line. Thanks again to our vendor partners AiSPiRE, a WAC company; Colorbeam Lighting; DMF Lighting; Proluxe by American Lighting; Savant/USAI; and Vantage.”

Members embarking on the exclusive ProSource Lighting Technology Certification share their personal experiences:

“I very much enjoyed the LTC 1 training,” remarked Rick Lane, System Designer, Wipliance. “I really appreciated how they broke down light itself and how it works and why it is important to layer it and get it right. I also appreciated the breakdowns of different options available and sales opportunities. Some of the manufacturers’ trainings were way better than others, but all in all it was a very educational course, and I feel I got a lot out of it.”

“Earning the ProSource LTC was a great experience for our team,” said Johnathan George, President of iWired. “We began to really understand the basics of lighting design and the fundamentals of how the lighting industry works. By pairing us with a good vendor base, ProSource has helped us create a go-to-market strategy that is helping us grow our business.”

“I have had the opportunity to do both the Level 1 and 2 lighting training,” commented Steven E. Weber, CEO and President at Liaison Home Automation. “The ProSource team, with the help of Light Can Help You, has done a great job. These are the essentials a CI needs to know to get started and ramp up their lighting sales. Well worth the time and effort.”

“My experience with ProSource Training has completely reformed the way I think and talk about lighting,” said Kayla Grimes, Sales Consultant at Imagine More. “Through the program, you gain knowledge and input that can not only improve your lighting sales but help you to confidently and intelligently speak about lighting technology. As someone who is relatively new to lighting, it was especially helpful because it went into detail with in-depth explanations. Also, the program really made you think about what was said in the videos when you take the assessments. To hear from other designers was super-helpful too. The demonstrations in the videos and really dissecting products to explain the components was a great benefit for someone who is a visual learner. The extra courses with the companies like WAC Lighting were super-inspiring and knowledgeable. I can say that now that I have gone through the ProSource training, I have a greater understanding of lighting, which is translating to my everyday life and interactions with customers!”

“Great training course for lighting design and specification,” offered Eric Fischer, Design Consultant and Director of Sales at Cinegration. “I would highly recommend any integrator entering into the field of lighting design and fixture specification to take this course! It will help you spot new opportunities you never knew you had! David and Mark are great teachers, and the LTC Lighting Technology Center has many layers that will amaze you! Samantha and Nicole worked their butts off as well getting us to class and to dinner every day! Good job, and thanks for everything, ProSource team!”