PROLIGHTS Upgrades Privilege Club in Dubai With Stunning Illumination

ProlightsPROLIGHTS has recently upgraded the lighting system at the Privilege Club in Dubai, one of the most spectacular nightclubs in the UAE, located on the top floor of the prestigious SLS Hotel in the Business Bay area. The club has hosted high-profile artists such as Will.I.Am and Akon, and has received recognition from the Guinness World Records for having the world’s highest outdoor pool.

In collaboration with Em-Tec and lighting designer Alex Douglas, the Privilege Club decided to enhance its lighting setup to provide visitors with a visually captivating experience befitting the venue. The lighting fixtures were supplied by PRO LAB, the PROLIGHTS distributor in the United Arab Emirates, and included the PROLIGHTS ArenaCob 4FC and PROLIGHTS Air 5Fan.

With this upgrade, lighting designer Alex Douglas was able to create an immersive design that heightened the club’s atmosphere, offering a wide range of visual effects. By strategically positioning the Prolights ArenaCob 4FC fixtures around the videowall to mimic the colors displayed on the screens, Douglas achieved dynamic and immersive visual effects. He stated, “The Prolights ArenaCob 4FC fixtures have undoubtedly enhanced the visual impact of my lighting design.”

Douglas further explained his choice of using the Prolights ArenaCob 4FC and Air 5Fan projectors, stating, “Firstly, the Air 5 Fans caught my attention with their sleek and clean build and visually appealing lenses that provide eye candy. offer a wide spread of light thanks to their five independently moving heads, which can be adjusted from 0° to 28°, allowing for versatile lighting effects. Both the Air 5Fan and ArenaCob 4FC fixtures also come with helpful macros that enable quick programming of pixel looks, saving valuable time during setup.”

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Rami Harber, CEO of PRO LAB, expressed great satisfaction with the outcome of the project and the collaboration with Em-Tec and Alex Douglas. He said: “Our commitment to delivering excellence is reflected in our supply of top-of-the-line equipment, like PROLIGHTS fixtures, for the Em-Tec project: Privilege Club. Through this collaboration, we have showcased the power of advanced technology and expertise in creating unforgettable experiences. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the tools they need to achieve their vision, and I am confident that our partnership with Em-Tec and PROLIGHTS will continue to set new benchmarks in the industry”.