Prolights’ Sunblast 3000FC at the 2023 Men’s European Volleyball Championship

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The semifinals and final of the 2023 Men’s European Volleyball Championship, held at the PalaEur in Rome, shone brightly thanks to the innovative use of Prolights’ Sunblast 3000FC

The entire lighting system for this event was provided by Europroduzione s.r.l. and conceived by the lighting designer Dario Risolo. The lighting project involved the strategic installation of 110 units of Prolights’ Sunblast 3000FC inside the arena, showcasing their extraordinary versatility.

Risolo remarked on the crucial importance of the Sunblast 3000FC in creating the desired lighting effects. “I chose them for both special effects (strobe, colors, etc.) and as reinforcement for the game’s white light,” Risolo stated. This dual function made it possible for a spectacular visual experience for both the on-site audience and Eurovision television viewers.

Prolights’ strobe blinders were strategically positioned both on hanging rigs and on the third ring of the Palalottomatica, ensuring exceptional illumination in every corner of the arena.

“One of the main challenges in designing lighting for a sports event like the European Volleyball Championship is ensuring uniform light without bothersome shadows,” Risolo pointed out. “There was beautiful light diffusion on the court, and with this installation, the players didn’t experience any issues with shadows or glare.” Thanks to the Sunblast 3000FC’s ability to provide intense and uniform light, every detail of the action on the court was captured impeccably.