PROLIGHTS on stage with Blanco’s Innamorato Tour


PROLIGHTS products illuminated the Innamorato Tour of Blanco, the young artist reigning over the Italian music scene.

Following the great success of the Blu Celeste Tour, boasting 35 sold-out dates, Blanco has once again astonished his fans with his inaugural stadium tour, securing his position as the youngest Italian artist to perform on these prestigious stages. The awe-inspiring events took place at Rome’s Olympic Stadium and Milan’s San Siro Stadium, where the singer delivered an overwhelming performance, paying meticulous attention to every detail and presenting a setlist that encompassed the best of his repertoire, accompanied by a visually stunning scenography.

To ensure a captivating visual experience, the rental company Mister X Service made a brilliant choice by employing 106 Astra Wash19PixIP and 138 Sunblast 3000FC PROLIGHTS fixtures to illuminate the stage. These fixtures orchestrated a symphony of colors and light, infusing a punk rock vibe and a high-impact atmosphere into Blanco’s performance.

PROLIGHTS lighting solutions created a breathtaking spectacle, perfectly capturing the singer’s boundless energy and leaving the audience with a stunning viewing experience. The lighting design accentuated every note and emotion, transforming the show into an unparalleled and engrossing journey.