PPDS Announces Philips L-Line 7000 Series of LED Displays

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PPDS has announced the launch of the Philips L-Line 7000 series of LED displays. The new high-brightness and bezel-free 7000 series includes a more simplified mounting and calibration system, built-in cable and data wiring, an IP30 rating (protection against dust, dirt and moisture) and fire retardancy. Making its debut in North America, the Philips 7000 series is spec’d at 1,200-nit brightness.

All Philips 7000 displays are available as 25-centimeter height as standard, with 50-centimeter, 75-centimeter and 100-centimeter width variants. Variants can be mixed and linked together in any landscape format, whether it’s four screens or 1,000. The 7000 series is available in standard flat or with sloping beveled corners (or L-shape cornering and curvature, 90-180 degrees). It is also available in both convex and concave formats.

With Philips Active Health Monitoring, all displays can be easily managed 24/7 remotely and features “Dynamic Power Saving” technology. This allows for up to 20 percent lower running costs compared to other comparable market models, reducing total cost of ownership without compromising on quality or performance.