PESA Claims to Be Debuting 4K Matrix at InfoComm

pesa 4K Demo 0513 300x2001

pesa-4K-Demo-0513PESA’s new Cheetah 4K, a fiber optic routing switcher, will debut at InfoComm. PESA says it will route 4K up to 600 meters over multi-mode cable. Each 4K source is connected to an outboard (PESA branded) easyPORT-4KX1F coax to fiber media converter that PESA tells rAVe supports up to 12 Gbps per port over a single fiber to the router. They also told us that the easyPORT-4KX1F has the ability to accept ultra-high resolution 4K video at 3840×2160 and 4096×2160 and each input port can also be configured individually to accept up to four independent 3G-SDI signals to be transported over a signal fiber cable.

Every 12 Gbps fiber output port from the router is connected to an external easyPORT-1FX4K fiber-to-coax media converter to provide four BNCs per 4K destination, which allows an additional 80 meters of coax extension to position 4K devices farther downstream of the media converter. Both the easyPORT-4KX1F and easyPORT-1FX4K can be rack mounted with an optional 1 RU frame that holds up to four media converters, or the media converters can be installed with an optional mounting plate.

The new Cheetah 4K fiber optic router includes 12 Gbps input ports and output ports via standard SC style fiber connectors. Housed in a 4 RU chassis, the compact Cheetah 4K router provides a huge advantage over similar offerings by including internal control for Ethernet or traditional RS232/422 control, hot swappable matrix and I/O cards, redundant power and control, and SNMP support for third-party, high-end network management systems. The router can be configured and controlled via PESA’s Cattrax network GUI or optional Cattrax Web network server software using PESA’s powerful PERC2000 or PERC3000 System Controller hardware.

PESA will also offer retrofit packages of the Cheetah 4K I/O system for existing 3G-SDI Cheetah systems. Once the control software is configured for 4K, the router system can run both 4K and 3G-SDI signals in parallel. Each easyPORT 4K media module includes Ethernet connectivity for control and configuration, which makes it easy to pre-configure the router to alternatively accept individual 3G-SDI, 2K and other SMPTE-compliant formats. Future I/O card upgrades will include audio embedding and de-embedding, as well as full compliance for future SMPTE interfaces on the roadmap for 2K/4K formats.

It’s not on the company’s website (since it intros at InfoComm) but when it is, it’ll be here: