Peerless-AV Launches Xtreme Outdoor Soundbar at CEDIA

peerless-av-soundbar-1015Peerless-AV launched the Xtreme Outdoor Soundbar at CEDIA. Spec’d to produce full-range audio (50Hz – 20kHz), Peerless-AV’s Xtreme Outdoor Soundbar (SPK-060) is designed for homeowners wanting a better audio experience from their outdoor TV than the built-in speakers on the TV. The only powered outdoor sound bar on the market (so far), the Xtreme Outdoor Soundbar offers 60 watts of power, more than an other TV on the market.

With an IP65 rating, the Xtreme Outdoor Soundbar is a true outdoor solution, able to withstand most climate and weather changes. For ease in use, the soundbar features a universal mounting option, making it possible to integrate with any display or TV. Plus, set-up is simple with a direct wired connection. The Xtreme Outdoor Soundbar can also be used as a standalone product thanks to its Bluetooth compatibility, which allows for music to be wirelessly streamed from any Bluetooth-enabled device. And, when Bluetooth devices are connected, the input automatically switches from the TV’s audio input.

All the specs are here.