Peavey Commercial Audio Introduces MediaMatrix sPower Series Amplifiers

Peavy Commercial AudioPeavey Commercial Audio introduces the MediaMatrix sPower Series multi-channel smart power amplifiers designed for applications that require a large quantity of constant voltage output channels. The sPower Series offers seven different models of smart power amplifiers that support either 4- and 8-channel outputs at 75, 150 or 300W per channel plus a hi-power 600W/Ch x 4 option.

The design of the MediaMatrix sPower Series smart power amplifiers begin with optionally selectable 70V RMS (true 100V peak) or 100V (true 140V peak) output amplifier channels. The units offer Class-D output topology for maximum efficiency and minimal heat dissipation, resulting in longevity while not requiring forced air cooling and typical service demands. Rather, the unit is cooled with a low-volume internal air exchange system. Further helping to control power efficiency, a Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) helps to regulate power supply rails, delivering full specified power regardless of A/C power conditions operating anywhere between 85 to 250V (43 to 63Hz at 2400W). Each unit has a 110Hz high-pass filter with 12dB per octave per selectable channel.

There is plenty of utility on the sPower Series back panel. The serial RS485 control port, in conjunction with the MediaMatrix nWare 3.0 ControlManager software suite, allows for amplifier monitoring and control. Additionally, loudspeaker loads as low as 5W rated output can be monitored. All sPower amplifiers are designed to enable the use of intelligent load limiting on the amplifier output stage, preventing overdrive, and designed with protections against short circuits, overheating, over-currents and DC over-voltage.

Peavey says a unique feature of the sPower amplifiers is an automated high-power change-over relay per output channel, providing a N/O connection and allowing any of the internal amplifier channels to act as a backup in case the primary amplifier channel fails. Alternatively, an additional external amplifier channel to back up the primary amplifier channel can be used for a true “n+1 redundancy” at the same output port without the need to physically change the speaker cable circuit.

Seven 2U rack mount models are available in the sPower Series; the sPower 754 and 758, respectively 4- and 8 channels offering 75W per channel; the 1504 and 1508, offering 150W per channel; the sPower 3004 and 3008, offering 300W per channel and the sPower 6004, with Hi-Power output of 600W per 4 channel.

Ideal for venues requiring expansive high quality, energy-efficient public address audio distribution, such as airports, rail networks, subway stations, retail stores, hospitality and theme parks.