Paradigm Launches First-Ever Architectural Subs

Paradigm Electronics Inc. last week added two new in-wall subwoofers — its first-ever entries in the category — to its expanding line of custom install music and home theater solutions.

Paradigm’s new PCS Series subwoofers line consists of the PCS-80R, an in-ceiling model with a round footprint, and the PCS-80SQ, an in-wall model with a square footprint. Not much bigger than a spotlight, the company says they are the world’s most powerful eight-inch in-wall/in-ceiling subwoofers. Clean, clear, accurate bass reproduction is achieved through a combination of driver technology, the extremely rigid chassis and mounting bracket systems, and power provided by the matching Paradigm X-Series subwoofer amplifiers (sold separately).

To distribute bass more uniformly and to further reduce their already-low levels of distortion, the PCS Series subwoofers are designed to be used in pairs. To bring performance to an even higher level, four PCS subs can be installed. Multi-sub applications are powered by the Paradigm Ultra-Class-D X-300 subwoofer amplifier. With 900 watts of dynamic peak power and 300 watts sustained RMS, the X-300 is designed to drive up to four PCS subwoofers. With Paradigm’s proprietary Digital Signal Processing (DSP) design and EQ settings to match cavity size or optional back-box, the X-300 coaxes every ounce of high-performance out of the PCS subwoofers.

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