THIEL Unveils zöet with HDMI

THIEL Audio has announced that the HDMI compatible version of their zöet system will begin shipping Q2, 2009. The HDMI version of zöet is equipped with eight HDMI inputs and two HDMI outputs.

The April 1st, 2009 initial launch version of the zöet dB1 will be the audio-only Ethernet system. The HDMI version and zöet’s wireless technology will become available later in 2009. All initial launch audio-only systems will be factory upgradeable to HDMI (for a fee), enabling zöet customers to grow their system as needed.

zöet is ultra simple to set-up and operate — anyone can have the system up and running in under an hour. The company brags that rather than making technology intimidating, THIEL has harnessed thirty-plus years of experience combined with powerful innovations in order to make zöet wonderfully easy to enjoy throughout the home. zöet self-powered IP-addressable speakers can be located throughout the home and connected to the zöet dB1 distribution processor using existing in-home Ethernet, its own lossless proprietary wireless network, or both.

Using Ethernet or proprietary wireless connectivity, zöet requires no messy drilling to accommodate miles of speaker wire. The entire system can be operated from a surprisingly simple and intuitive remote control, eliminating the need for a trained specialist to get the system up and running. zöet lets you make changes and upgrades yourself via an intuitive web interface and automatic firmware updates, making further visits by experts entirely unnecessary.