Origin Acoustics Grows Its U.S. Sales Force With The Addition of Jim Moran

71590f32024be25b1ccc2e31_560x494Riverside, CA – July 26, 2016 – Origin Acoustics, the team that invented the architectural loudspeaker announces the radical addition of Jim Moran to its U.S. sales force as Regional VP of Sales.

In 1976 at age eleven, Jim Moran’s life changed.  A neighbor down the block played Led Zeppelin II through an actual stereo.  There was no going back to the transistor AM radio and listening to WLS.  Soon he was hooking up is own stereo system and running wires through the air ducts of his parent’s home to hook up the ‘b’ speakers in the basement.  Paper route money was traded each week for a new piece of vinyl.

Fast-forward through college and typical jobs to 1994 when Jim started working for a custom integrator in Chicago and helped grow that company to 42 employees.  Sadly, the economic meltdown of 2008 spelt doom for that business but opened the door to working for a manufacturer.  Jeremy Burkhardt, having known Jim for many years as a customer, brought him on to the SpeakerCraft team where he became the regional sales manager for the central part of the U. S.  After nearly 7 years (49 if you are a dog) working with SpeakerCraft and Core Brands, Jim Moran returns to working with Jeremy and the rest of the team at Origin Acoustics.

“I cannot begin to share our excitement of adding Jim Moran to the team,” says, Jeremy Burkhardt, CEO of Origin Acoustics. “Jim is another perfect fit as we continue to grow, innovate and dominate the CI marketplace.”

Jim has a background in fine art and has worked as an artist, pizza maker, standup comic, punk rock musician and most famously as a part time contributor to the little factoids written on the inside of a Snapple bottle cap. He brings his passion for music, customer service, and business to the Origin acoustics family.