Omnivision to Launch Halli Clack! and Halli Galli Interactive Software Games at CES 2014

20140107_122620-300x225BEST, The Netherlands — Jan.8, 2014

Omnivision Studios BV, a leading provider of multi-touch software for touchscreen displays, announced the release of its interactive Halli Clack! and Halli Galli Games at CES, 7-10 January 2014.
The International CES (formerly the Consumer Electronics Show) is the world’s largest hands- on technology event, where all the latest gadgets and inventions are shown.

At the show, the Halli Galli and Halli Clack! games will be released at the Lenovo booth where it is installed on the Flex20 Aio. Furthermore, the software will also be shown at the Intel booth, #7252.

In 2013, Lenovo and Omnivision entered a partnership in which multi-touch is one of the keywords. Lenovo updated some existing lines with multi-touch displays and introduced some all-in-one new multi touch Portable all-in-one devices and 2-1 devices. Perhaps the most exciting product launch was the new Horizon Flex 20, which runs full Windows 8.1 with Omnitapps® Media Puzzle Packs pre-installed. This Aio is ready for maximizing interactivity!

Earlier in 2013, Omnivision Studios has been one of the few chosen companies to be included in the worldwide promotion video for the 4th generation Intel® CoreTM processors. The interview outlined that the Omnitapps multi-touch software solutions are ready for the future. “The new Intel 4th generation will bring us more products, portable all-in ones with bigger screens and longer battery life. And this gives us, as a Multi Touch application developer lots of opportunities to develop applications for education, entertainment and business”, said Alexander Aelberts, CEO of Omnivision Studios BV. Omnivision now also is official Intel Technology Provider.


Clack! and Halli Galli are invented by Haim Shafir who started his game inventing career back in 1977. Halli Galli is a very famous game around the world. Omnivision now has the official licenses and established a great relationship with the game inventor which is a good bases to grow the market for interactive games. With Halli Clack! and Halli Galli game lovers and families can enjoy great content on their (portable) All-in-one, Ultrabook®, Windows 8.1 Tablet or convertibles. It gives fans a wide range of possibilities.

Halli Clack! is a fast paced reaction game where players have to frantically collect discs which depict certain colored shapes that correspond to the result of a die throw! Fun elements in the game give an extra challenge to the players to react even faster.

Halli Galli is a speed action game in which players have to ring the bell when exactly 5 fruits of the same kind are on the table. The deck contains 56 playing cards. Each player reveals his/her next card by swiping over the screen. React fast, collect all the cards and win!

Gaming and (family) fun has become more popular nowadays. It is a proven method to attract people but also to deliver effective information. With this collaboration both Haim Shafir and Omnivision hope to bring a new dimension to interactive touch screen games around the globe. Both are looking forward to intensify the cooperation in the future. The games will be available at the Omnivision shop and Windows 8 store early 2014.

About Omnivision Studios BV

Omnivision Studios is the developer of the industry’s most customizable, user-friendly, and reliable software for creating and deploying interactive multi-touch screens and displays. The company’s Omnitapps® product family enables out-of-the-box as well as custom multi-touch and multi-user installations in many industries including business, educational, and games/entertainment. Omnivision’s customers have deployed Omnitapps multi-touch applications in a wide variety of locations including schools, reception areas, shopping malls, real estate, museums, retail, and trade shows. The company has partnered with global industry leaders to provide complete multi-touch solutions supporting both desktop (Windows® 7) and modern user interfaces (Windows 8). For example, Omnivision is an official Intel® Technology Provider and Intel Software Partner, and its multi-touch software is pre-installed on Lenovo’s Horizon Flex20 Portable Aio. For more information, visit and