Oblong Industries Accelerates Market Penetration Markedly in Q3

Oblong Industries, Inc today announced significant growth as the company’s innovative, gesture-enabled collaboration technology continues to expand as companies adopt innovative systems that best support the future of work.
The strong third-quarter success is directly correlated to the market response to the new Mezzanine 200 Series, an innovative extension to the Mezzanine product family. Mezzanine 200 delivers a compact and easy-to-deploy format of the content-rich, multi-location collaboration solution to allow smaller teams to act dynamically by collaborating in smaller spaces. Mezzanine 200 is crafted to meet the technical design specifications found in the growing number of smaller and mid-sized huddle rooms, a trend recently highlighted by Wainhouse Research who numbered small to medium meeting spaces at more than 45 million globally.
Oblong says they have also seen significant new client wins globally, with over twice as many unit sales compared to the same period last year. These new customers include several Fortune 500 companies and innovative brands, including Adobe, Airbus, , Lockheed Martin, Inmarsat, Lendlease and Workday. They join the growing roster of Oblong customers alongside global leaders such as Fujitsu, PwC, IBM and NASA. Smart companies are making strategic investments in advanced collaboration systems that are designed to enhance the utility of workspaces to elevate enterprise-wide productivity. 
The Mezzanine 200 Series offers the perfect platform for global team collaboration in these smaller connected spaces. By bringing high-performance collaboration into huddle spaces and compact meeting room environments, the Mezzanine 200 Series empowers everyone in an organization to work better together. It ensures that all teams across an organization can collaborate in a content-rich environment; sharing information and ideas across distributed locations ensures that informed decisions are made and more complex work is done more efficiently. The Mezzanine 200 Series launched earlier this year with a new Partner Kit available exclusively to Oblong’s partner integrators to make installation simple and convenient. 
Oblong VP Marketing Lilian Bories comments, “We are delighted by the positive response to the Mezzanine 200 Series solution; it brings completeness to our Mezzanine family and validates our expectation that collaborators at every level across the enterprise are relying on an ever increasing array of visual information and data to get work done effectively.”
With a lower price point than the brand’s definitive 600 Series, Mezzanine 200 is Oblong’s most accessible solution to date, while still harnessing the same superior experience for users with similar core requirements, including concurrent viewing of multiple content streams, gestural interaction, and real-time control by multiple participants, that make Mezzanine so productive and exhilarating. 
Satellite Communications provider Inmarsat is among those investing in smarter collaboration solutions with the opening of its dynamic new briefing center at its Head Office in London, which is powered by Oblong’s Mezzanine technology.  Dan Alldis, Future Technology Manager, Inmarsat commented; “We were looking for dynamic new technologies to help us showcase Inmarsat in a truly innovative way, which would help our customers visualize how we can solve their problems. We wanted exciting and engaging technology which would help us to ‘jump into the future’ and enable us to show Inmarsat’s solutions in a really stimulating way. Powered by Oblong’s Mezzanine, we’ve designed a WOW space that stimulates our clients while also offering our organization a flexible and scalable internal collaboration space that will support our worldwide requirements well into the future.”
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