Oblong’s New Collaboration System, Rumpus, Adds Webex (Still in Beta)

Oblong Industries has added support for Cisco Webex to its Rumpus meeting application for collaborative screen sharing. With the popularity of Cisco Webex solutions for businesses globally, more users can now enjoy a seamless Rumpus experience that brings multi-share capabilities to online meetings.

Rumpus is the meeting solution letting virtual teams feel more connected and work better together through multi-stream collaboration and an expanding set of visual tools designed to help remote workers communicate more effectively. These tools include personal cursors to point at and emphasize content, presence indicators to signal who’s looking at what and emoji reactions to exchange feedback without disrupting meeting flow. While Rumpus is also available in a screen-sharing only mode to work alongside any conferencing app; the new Webex integration starts the Webex video meeting instantly within the Rumpus environment. The key advantage is Webex meeting participants in Rumpus can all share their screens without competing for “the ball” and limiting content discussions to a single source at a time. Now there can be as many shared screens as there are collaborators in the meeting

“We’ve worked closely with Cisco over the last year to bring the capabilities of our flagship product, Mezzanine, to the Cisco suite of enterprise solutions for meeting spaces. So as we completed Oblong’s own set of content-first collaboration offerings by building out Rumpus for pure-virtual work, it was obvious that Webex should be among the first conferencing solutions to be directly integrated. We’re thrilled to bring the next level of engagement and productivity to millions of Webex users when their meetings require more than basic video and messaging,” said Oblong CEO John Underkoffler.

The core idea behind Rumpus is that remote teams can be stronger and perform better if they are allowed to collaborate in the same ways they would if they were together in the same room. Rumpus lets remote workers exchange content and feedback in real time. Collaboration can now happen with the speed and ease of conversation instead of being interrupted every time someone has something to contribute. By expanding the tool set for remote collaborators to express themselves in a meeting, the team can work more tightly; with greater bonding comes better outcomes.

Rumpus is presently available for free to Mac computer users. Support for Windows is coming soon. Webex customers on Mac are invited to download the Rumpus app at Rumpus.co to start adding new content streams to their online meetings.

To download and try Rumpus, go here.