NuVo Wireless Audio System Adds Audyssey

nuvo-0413NuVo has incorporated Audyssey Lab’s Dynamic Volume technology into its new Wireless Audio System. Accessible through NuVo’s system control app, Audyssey’s Dynamic Volume control can be set to trim the highest and lowest decibels of an audio sample to meet a comfortable or desired listening range.

Audyssey’s Dynamic Volume technology was developed after extensive research on how people make manual volume adjustments and has been designed to anticipate volume changes and automatically make modifications so the user doesn’t have to. Dynamic Volume does this without compromising the recording’s fidelity by adjusting the peaks and valleys without disrupting the tonal balance. Incorporated into NuVo’s new Wireless Audio System, users can establish preferred limits and enjoy a steady listening experience that maintains the quality the product was engineered specifically to achieve. The feature can also be easily switched off when desired.

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