Now You Can Remotely Manage and Do Room Booking of Logitech UCC Products Via Logitech Sync

logitech sync

Logitech introduced software tools for remote access, room booking, usage insights and automations to simplify space and device management through Logitech Sync. Introduced last year, Logitech’s existing desk booking solution with Logi Dock Flex makes it simple for employees to find the right spot near their colleagues in flex desking environments. Now, Logitech’s new room booking software on Tap Scheduler mirrors the same intuitive experience, helping to solve common conference room booking conflicts, while also making it easy for IT to manage it all through a single platform.

With this software, employees can book and claim rooms directly through their existing calendaring app like Google Workspace and Office 365 or directly on Logitech Tap Scheduler.

If a booked room is not checked into within a set time, the room is automatically released and available to others. For ad-hoc meetings, users can spot available rooms through the LED status lights on Tap Scheduler, or navigate to an available room from a floor plan map on Tap Scheduler, Logi Tune app or on office displays for wayfinding.

Later in an upcoming software update, AI Viewfinder presence detector in Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini, currently used for framing people, will be able to identify when an ad-hoc meeting is in progress and automatically switch the room status to occupied.

IT admins can customize room booking and release settings to align with workplace policies. Later this year, they will be able personalize the Tap Scheduler interface with custom wallpapers and brand identity.

Check out this episode of Gary Kayye’s Rants & rAVes podcast, during which Logitech reveals its plans for InfoComm 2024!

Logitech says tens of thousands of companies use Logitech Sync to remotely manage spaces and devices of their global workforces. Now, remote capabilities include Remote UI Access with Sync. Much like an IT team member can take virtual control of an individuals’ desktop computer to troubleshoot firsthand, Remote UI Access allows IT to “see” inside the conference room to troubleshoot conference cameras, touch controllers and even the scheduling panel — without setting foot inside the room. Logitech says its privacy and security standards ensure that Sync does not capture or store any sound, video or static images from a meeting room at any time.

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From huddle rooms to boardrooms, Sync tracks patterns on room usage (how often a room is used) and occupancy (how many people are in a given room at one time). This usage and occupancy data — viewable only by the customer’s IT admins — becomes a basis for precise decision making on which underused spaces to reconfigure, or which high-traffic spaces to duplicate.

Sync Remote UI Access, room booking and map creation, and room usage insights are features that expand Logitech Select for Rooms comprehensive service plan for $399 per year. Select for Rooms offers a combination of technical expertise with advanced software to help companies manage their spaces.

These premium features are also included in Essential for Rooms — a newly-created service offering that supplements customers’ and partner’s in-house IT expertise with advanced management and analytics tools — for $199 per year. Room booking will be available in late summer 2024. It’s in Beta Testing now.