Newly-Released Videotel Digital VP90 4K Network Digital Signage Player makes an impact within the Commercial Real Estate Industry

SAN DIEGO JUNE 19, 2018 — Found essential for keeping commercial buildings and property management companies digitally on-trend, Videotel Digital has launched a new marketing must-have. Popular for updating directories and assuring that buyers in lobbies and waiting areas are aware of valuable information, the 4K VP90 has helped a Spokane, Washington development and management company do just that. The new 4K industrial digital signage player allows for client-specific, branded content to be played uninterrupted to customers. It has proved invaluable to TRW Development & Management for its interactive and remote-access compatibility, its built-in Wi-Fi, and its ability to have unlimited zone options per screen. To add, the VP90 allows any type of on screen widget and RSS feed.

TR Wilkening, President of TRW Development & Management, said of the new digital signage solution, “Videotel’s team, from the purchase to setup to the implementation of the VP90 platform, was professional and effective. This created a seamless and positive experience. We were able to immediately, out of the box, give our high-rise commercial building lobby a face-lift by replacing an expensive, antiquated system. Videotel Digital helped us update our lobby directory with a cost-effective, professional, and modern digital directory. Great product and wonderful people to work with. A real breath of fresh air and highly recommended.”

Vidoetel Digital’s VP of Marketing and Sales, Lisa Schneider, adds, “It’s phenomenal to work with clients in the commercial real estate industry like TRW Development and Management because their products are so visual. Their customers fall in love with what they see first so when our digital signage players are strategically placed in common rooms to seamlessly provide uninterrupted content, the information works. It whets the appetite for what a lobby sign ultimately show them. We’re often told that the impact is on point.”

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