NDI Announces New Version of Its NDI|HX 3 With Lower Latency

unnamed 3 2NDI HX 3 uses a fraction of the bandwidth of NDI High Bandwidth to unleash unparalleled flexibility for NDI users and partners

NDI, part of the Vizrt Group, today announces an all-new version of NDI, NDI |HX 3. Now available to anyone using an NDI |HX 3 enabled device, users can select NDI |HX 3 as an option for better video with reduced latency – using a fraction of the bandwidth of NDI  high bandwidth. NDI |HX 3 is an option for manufacturers and developers to magnify flexibility, without the need to change or upgrade hardware.

Since its inception in 2015, applications and devices that are NDI-enabled have been adopted by more media organizations than any other IP standard and adoption is still growing at record speed. NDI technology continues to break down the boundaries of creating content and moving video without limitations and this new standard is no exception. NDI |HX 3 gives the option to deliver low latency transmission with reduced bandwidth, while maintaining the visually lossless standards NDI users demand; allowing users to deliver broadcast quality video in any setting without the need to upgrade their equipment.

There is a low engineering effort to integrate NDI |HX 3 for existing manufacturers to immediately begin leveraging the benefits. Software applications, such as NewTek TriCaster, Vizrt Vectar Plus, vMix, etc., will not need any upgrade to support NDI |HX 3.

“The diverse ways in which NDI partners and users apply the standard, integrating it into countless workflows, products and projects never cease to amaze us. To keep up with the demand from the market in leveraging NDI technology, and to enable limitless content creation for any user, our team is committed to consistent innovation to push the boundaries of moving video. NDI |HX 3 is a shining example of that commitment as it strikes the perfect balance of quality and efficiency with zero compromises to set a new standard in visual storytelling,” comments Michael Namatinia, President, NDI.

For more information on NDI |HX 3, please visit: https://www.ndi.tv/blog/ndihx3/