Navori’s New Software Platform to be Released at IS Europe

Navori 0111

Navori-0111The Navori QL digital signage software suite, set to debut at next week’s Integrated Systems Europe trade show (being covered LIVE by rAVe NOW) makes playing what the company calls “broadcast-quality video” possible even on low-cost PCs — making them instant DS media players.

Navori’s QL software suite uses the Swiss company’s proprietary graphics rendering engine to optimize how computers play out full HD video and other rich media.  According to Navori, QL enables high-end content features that have been limited, until now, to the complicated, expensive specialty software and hardware of broadcast vendors. How? Well, Navori tells rAVe that its QL’s media playback engine has frame by frame video accuracy down to 1/30th of a second. The momentary black gaps common to most systems when playing back-to-back videos are gone using QL. If required, those gaps would need to be designed and programmed back in.

The official launch of Navori QL is at the massive Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) show in Amsterdam, February 1-3. Navori or you can see all the details here: