MultiDyne Video & Fiber Optic Systems to Showcase APE Advanced Power Extension Line for Building Block Strategy for NAB Show 2023

MultiDyne HUT APE Rear

MultiDyne Video & Fiber Optic Systems will demonstrate robust connectivity between its proven VB Series and new APE advanced power extension products at NAB Show 2023, in parallel with diverse voltage outputs for camera powering over long distances.

The seamless connectivity between APE and VB Series products is an extension of MultiDyne’s “granular building block” strategy across product lines, which the company continues to develop. In this case, the connectivity unlocks exciting new possibilities as to how content producers manage fiber camera systems and signal transport when using MultiDyne’s SMPTE-HUT universal camera transceivers, or award-winning SilverBack fiber camera system adapters.

Introduced at IBC, MultiDyne developed its APE family to help content producers extend camera chains beyond using conventional SMPTE hybrid fiber. The initial range includes the HUT-APE, which offers long-range power for DC-powered fiber camera systems; and SilverBack-APE, which simplifies how content producers power a blend of broadcast cameras with camcorders, PTZ and digital cinema cameras in live production workflows.

MultiDyne’s VB Series is a range of highly configurable fiber transport solutions that allow users to support a broad spectrum of signal transport combinations over long distances. MultiDyne builds modular VB Series products to specification, allowing customers to populate its chassis with various video, audio, data and Ethernet cards.

As MultiDyne Vice President of Product Development Jesse Foster explains, the products now “fit together like legos.” The APE family represents the most substantial remote powering systems from MultiDyne to date, supporting distances up to 3km (nearly 10,000 feet) – ten times the distance of its predecessor. APE products also supply up to 325 Watts of power, leaving plenty of room to power camera accessories. Using its dual connectivity capability, that impressive power output can be used for both a camera and a VB Series fiber throwdown for signal transport to a studio, control room or video village.

“APE Extenders have user-selectable voltage outputs that range from 5 to 24 volts to meet almost any camera powering requirement, along with related camera accessories,” said Foster. “The HUT-APE replaces long runs of bulky, expensive hybrid fiber cable with inexpensive single fibers, and moves the camera power injection from the CCU side to the camera side. It is a versatile power supply system and now with connectivity to our VB Series, we have strengthened our message as a provider of granular building blocks across varied product lines that users can combine to design and build their ideal fiber transport networks,” said Foster.

Growing Camera Connectivity Options

Content producers can today pair the HUT-APE with the latest high-end SMPTE studio cameras from Grass Valley, Panasonic and Sony. The HUT-APE pairs with a companion throwdown power converter to provide 12 and 24-volt accessory power to lights, monitors and other production equipment in places where local power isn’t available.

The chain gets even more interesting when extending the capability to include MultiDyne SilverBack fiber camera adapters. SilverBacks are fiber optic camera adapter systems ideal for multi-cam production environments. MultiDyne’s latest SilverBack-V and SilverBack-VB systems specialize in converting digital cinema cameras into SMPTE studio cameras for live multi-camera productions, adding a cinematic feel to sports, TV and worship content, for example.

The SilverBack-APE is an advanced power extension adapter that includes multiple outputs and integrates with the SilverBack series. It matches with camcorders or digital cinema cameras from any manufacturer, including the 24-volt ALEXA35 camera from ARRI and RED-V RAPTOR XL – both very popular in the film production community.

The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences recently announced it will present MultiDyne with a Technical and Engineering Award for SilverBack at this year’s 74th annual ceremony, taking place on Sunday, August 16 during NAB Show 2023.

MultiDyne will demonstrate the APE family, VB Series, SilverBack Series and SMPTE-HUT at NAB Show 2023, Booth C4730 in the Las Vegas Convention Center from April 16-19.