Monitor Audio Debuts Vecta V240 Corner Speakers

The new Monitor Audio Vecta V240 is a compact weather outdoor speaker that’s made to mount in corners. The Vecta V240 has mounted dual 4″ C-CAM metal cone drives to the curved baffle to ensure a controlled sound field is delivered. They say this minimizes ceiling or wall reflections when mounted under eaves or in a corner, while still being wide enough for superior coverage when wall-mounted. The centrally mounted Gold C-CAM tweeter is horn loaded for dispersion at the crossover point matches the mid-range, providing a smooth off axis frequency response.

The Vecta V240 uses cleverly designed brackets and a single point automatic connection system that allows them to be mounted horizontally or vertically. Installers fix the bracket to the wall, and then drop the speaker in place with a single screw.

The Vecta V240 is $475 and the mounts are $50 each. Here are all the specs.