Mixhalo Announced L-Acoustics’ L-ISA 3.0 Comprehensive Spatial Audio System

mixhalo l acoustics

Mixhalo, the ultra-low latency networking technology that unlocks high-fidelity, augmented audio for fans at live events, announced L-Acoustics’ comprehensive spatial audio ecosystem, the L-ISA 3.0. will now come pre-loaded with Mixhalo’s proprietary wireless networking technology as part of L-ISA 3.0 release.

Mixhalo is the first external application L-Acoustics will offer via L-ISA Processor II. Clients using L-ISA Processor II can now leverage Mixhalo to deliver spatial audio directly to listeners via their own phones and headphones. Because Mixhalo’s technology automatically and dynamically time-aligns with loudspeakers, it can “complement a PA system perfectly, offering multiple mixes – such as a guitar mix in music, real-time play-by-play in sports, a foreign language interpretation at a conference, or L-ISA spatial audio over headphones — or even augmenting the audio in areas of a venue that are difficult to reach otherwise.”

L-Acoustics and Mixhalo first collaborated in 2019 on Aerosmith’s “Deuces Are Wild” residency in Las Vegas where the pair offered a live immersive audio experience that combined L-ISA immersive audio with a Mixhalo VIP onstage experience. In 2021, L-Acoustics became a “major investor in” and exclusive professional audio partner of Mixhalo.

Additionally, Mixhalo says its foundational core technology has been granted another U.S. patent (US-11,625,213). The company now holds a total of five U.S. patents and four international patents.