MediaStar Systems Adds New Media Player to 782 Family

mediastar systems player 782

MediaStar Systems has added a new Media Player to its 782 family. The MediaStar 782-LT is used for 4K IPTV, multi-zone digital signage and digital media delivery but at a lower price point. As users would expect from a 782 model, the 782-LT decodes H265, H.264 and MPEG-2 network streams and plays locally stored video files from onboard memory, allowing a combination of live streamed network video/audio and file-based media to be displayed in any deployment.

Despite being “lite,” the 782-LT is powerful and ultra-reliable and uses hardware accelerated HTML5 rendering in full 4K UHD screen configuration to show media within different dynamic zones. This means that customers can simultaneously display video, text feeds, tickers, clocks and web pages, and it has the added advantage of touch screen input options and screen control.

The unit can decode AES encrypted media, playout HLS streams and offers the option of HDCP 2.2 Pro capability for users who want to play HDCP protected media assets held within the MediaStar ecosystem.

In line with all 782 media players, the 782-LT can be connected on the network to the MediaStar Media Manager content management solution, which enables organizations to configure a range of media playout controls. It can also be programmed with MediaStar Creator, the fully featured content creation system or work with third party HTML signage applications.

The MediaStar 782-LT will be available March 1.