Martin Audio Ships WPS

Martin Audio is already shipping its WPS, the fourth model in the Wavefront Precision optimized line array series. The Wavefront Precision architecture delivers improved coverage, consistency and control compared with standard line arrays, making the product series uniquely flexible, upgradeable and financially accessible.

The latest addition to the Wavefront Precision range can achieve a peak SPL of 133 decibels and is perfect for applications that require a high output array with reduced weight and footprint. This makes it ideal for live sound reinforcement and installations in theaters, concert halls and houses of worship, while rental companies will see scope in deploying WPS arrays as front-fill, delay or side-hang support for larger Wavefront Precision systems.

The passive three-way system integrates a high density of drive units in a very compact enclosure, specifically 2×8″ LF drivers, 4×4″ midrange drivers and 4×1″ exit HF compression drivers loaded by a molded HF horn which occupies the full width of the enclosure — defining the 100° horizontal constant directivity coverage pattern of both the HF and midrange sections.

For extended low frequency performance, WPS is designed to be partnered with the SXC118 cardioid subwoofer and its flyable variant, SXCF118.

WPS is here.

A video we shot from ISE 2019 on WaveFront is here: