Magewell Launches Director Mini Portable, All-in-One Live Production and Streaming System

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Magewell has unveiled its first all-in-one live production and streaming system, Director Mini. Combining multi-input switching, graphics, streaming, recording and monitoring in one compact device, Director Mini enables a single operator to easily create visually compelling productions for live event coverage, remote production feeds and more.

Director Mini offers a unique combination of input source flexibility and feature richness in an exceptionally versatile form factor. Users can switch between two HDMI inputs and two USB AV inputs as well as three simultaneous live IP sources including SRT streams, RTMP streams or up to two NDI® HX sources. File-based media assets including video, audio and images can also be combined freely with live sources.

Director Mini’s intuitive user interface is accessed through its integrated AMOLED touchscreen. Users can define multiple scenes that combine live HDMI, USB and audio inputs with network streams, media sources and graphics, then switch or transition between these scenes on the fly.

Director Mini’s touchscreen interface is complemented by the Director Utility mobile app, which provides remote configuration, audio controls, input switching, scoreboard control and more. The Director Utility app can also turn the smartphone or tablet’s camera into a streaming source as a mobile input to the Director Mini hardware, further enhancing the multi-camera production possibilities of the system.

For output, Director Mini can stream productions to popular platforms such as YouTube™ Live, Facebook™ Live, Twitch™ or custom destinations. Content can also be recorded to an SD card, USB flash drive or the device’s internal storage.
The ability to output an SRT stream makes Director Mini an excellent tool for contributing high-quality feeds to an off-site location for remote production. Alternatively, the device can create one NDI® HX output to serve as a source for additional IP-based production tools.
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