Macnica Announces New Interoperable Approach at ISE 2020

gary and macnica on videocast together
Macnica has announced a new innovation for ISE 2020 that brings its interoperable, open-standards approach to a broader customer base. To be introduced at ISE 2020, the new ME10 SoC is a 4K AV over 1Gb System on Chip provides a complete, interoperable AV-over-IP solution for high-volume product developers, or those requiring a more compact AV-over-IP OEM solution to fit very specific product dimensions.

The ME10 SoC is a full-stack solution that offers all of the same features and benefits as Macnica’s flagship MPA1000 AV-over-IP module, including the transport of HDMI 2.0 4K60Hz (4:4:4) video, audio and control data over 1Gb networks. Both innovations represent Macnica’s pursuit of bringing interoperability and open standards to AV environments and transitioning products and facilities to IP.

Here’s an exclusive videocast (with a look at the SoC board) Gary Kayye did last week with Macnica:

Importantly, both Macnica innovations are built for IPMX, the just-announced AV-over-IP initiative from the Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS). IPMX, short for IP Media Experience, is designed specifically for the commercial AV industry as a collection of open standards and specifications that provide an interoperable AV-over-IP multi-vendor solution. IPMX covers functions such as device registration and discovery, copy protection and security.

Because IPMX is built on the established transport standards in broadcast, including ST 2110-22, it provides support for compression. Macnica is offering support for JPEG-XS compression in the ME10. The open nature of these standards and specifications ensure that adopters remain in control of their future, regardless of future industry developments.

The ME10 brings the same value proposition and feature set as the MPA1000, including:

  • 4K@60Hz (4:4:4) video transport over 1Gb networks: The inclusion of JPEG-XS-based compression brings superior quality over widely available, low-cost 1Gb networks, without the expense of special AV network switches.
    Sub-frame latency: This critical feature for KVM applications benefits from compression and timing technologies, assuring ultra-low latency from source to destination.
  • Integrated control: The ME10 includes a customizable web UI and RESTful API to control and configure its behavior, including registration and discovery processes of network nodes, video and audio settings, and control of streams.
  • The SoC design comes in a compact 23×23-mm package, removing the MPA1000’s memory and board. This provides more flexibility and reduces cost for specialized product developers, while leveraging the same proven software development kit and intuitive web user interface.

Macnica will demonstrate both the ME10 and MPA1000 at Stand 15-C370 at ISE 2020. More information online is here.

Here’s a video we shot of the ME10 SoC from Macnica at ISE 2020: