Lumens Digital Optics Announces New Document Camera — the Ladibug DC172

lumens digital optics ladibug dc172

Lumens Digital Optics announced the Ladibug DC172 Monday. It’s the latest addition to its range of document cameras. With its 4K UHD output resolution at 30 fps, the camera claims no 4K latency, too. It’s equipped with HDMI and USB outputs, and display up to 4K resolution images on the monitor. It also supports an HDMI Pass-Through feature. Also, it can reduce the need for an HDMI switcher, and this function allows the teacher to quickly switch two screens between the computer and the document camera at the same time. For added convenience, the DC172 allows users to quickly rotate the image for 90/180/270 degrees and flip/mirror photos. The image and video capture can be saved with a USB flash device.

The DC172 joint-free, flexible gooseneck enables a 360° viewing angle, and the ability to observe the object’s finer details. Lumens’ exclusive PC-free solution enables the DC172 to carry out image annotation and control menu settings sync directly with a mouse.