The Listening Room Phoenix Offers Perfectly Intimate Sound With The Bose Professional L1 Model II System

Framingham, MA, June 27, 2017 – Eight years ago, Jim Colletti began to accompany singer/songwriter Adam Smith on the road, learning the business side of music as Smith built his audience. Last November, the duo put down deeper roots in Phoenix, Arizona, with The Listening Room Phoenix, an intimate 50-seat live-music venue that’s been attracting great reviews and lots of admiration locally. A common presence over their journey has been the L1® Model II portable sound system from Bose, which accompanied them on tour and is now the sound system for their venue.

All the while, the L1 system has proven itself to be able to put the artist and the audience together in a direct way. “On one of our first gigs we found out that we had to bring our own sound system, so we went to the local MI store and bought the Bose L1 Compact system,” Colletti explains. “We ended up buying two of them, because they were just so amazing. The sound was incredible, and the fact that we could put it on the stage behind us without feeding back, and not need monitors, also brought us closer together with the audience. Listeners were always impressed with the sound.” And so were other performers; Colletti recalls how other musicians were constantly commenting on the system’s unique ability to avoid feedback while taking up almost no room on the stage.

Those same attributes are now part of the experience at The Listening Room Phoenix. There, an L1 Model II system is used in conjunction with a companion Bose B1 bass module and the T1 ToneMatch® audio engine. The L1 Model II system’s breakthrough Articulated Array™ speaker technology (in which 24 vertically mounted drivers are precisely angled to create clearer highs and more consistent tone in the room) produces wide, uniform sound coverage of nearly 180 degrees – onstage and throughout an audience of up to several hundred – with little drop-off in volume and tone. The T1 ToneMatch audio engine expands options to connect additional instruments and microphones. The compact, four-channel engine provides fingertip control of a library of ToneMatch presets — just the touch of a button can make hundreds of precise refinements to the sound of instruments and microphones. The T1 engine also features a complete suite of studio-class reverbs, additional effects and dynamics processing.

“What the L1 Model II gives us is the perfect marriage of technology and live music,” says Colletti. “We have a 20 x 8-foot stage, so the L1 takes up almost no room on it. There’s nothing between the music and the listeners, as though it were in their home. And the ToneMatch is so easy to use, visiting artists are able to find their sound quickly and easily. For us, the L1 is what music needs.”

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