Listen Technologies Showcases New ListenTALK One-Way Receivers

Listen Technologies is showcasing two new receivers — the LKR-11 and LKR-12 — and the latest accessories for its mobile communication product ListenTALK at Integrated Systems Europe the first week of February. ListenTALK, which Listen Technologies demonstrated at ISE 2018, features a wireless, pocket-sized transceiver that makes it easy for groups of two or more people to listen and talk with the push of a button.For an effective tour or event, a mobile two-way communication system is the best solution. But sometimes, a two-way collaboration system is not necessary, and a one-way system would be sufficient. In those instances, the LKR-11 and LKR-12, which launched in fall 2018, offer affordable receiver-only options.

The new LKR-11 Receiver Pro features volume control, crisp, clear audio, near field communication (NFC), a storage tray, software pairing and OLED digital display. Unlike the original LK-1 Transceiver, it only features one-way communication and does not have an internal mic or talk back button. The LKR-12 Receiver Basic is similar to the LKR-11, but does not feature NFC or the OLED digital display.The new receivers extend the flexibility of the ListenTALK system. Users start with one original ListenTALK LK-1 transceiver and add more transceivers or receivers as needed to suit their unique sound environment requirements and budget.

The LKR-11 and LKR-12 receivers are ideal for college tours, corporate tours, factory tours, assistive listening, educational applications and much more. New accessories further extend the ListenTALK system’s flexibility and enhance the user experience in all applications.

rAVe Founder Gary Kayye will be using the new ListenTALK at the Almo E4 Experience at every stop in North America in 2019.

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Here are all the specs.

Check out video of the award winning Listen Technologies ListenTALK from ISE 2019 below: