Lightware Discovery Center Offers Training Space for AV Professionals

lightware discovery center

Last year, Lightware introduced the Lightware Discovery Center, a state-of-the-art training and education facility offering comprehensive sessions for AV professionals. The Lightware Discovery Center features a dedicated training room fully equipped with the company’s latest signal management products, including the Taurus UCX, a connectivity powerhouse designed to utilize USB-C technology to simplify collaborations in any meeting room environment.

The Lightware Discovery Center is designed to supplement Lightware’s extensive online efforts by providing an in-person venue for training and education. The education facility offers the opportunity for AV professionals to experiment and interact with a variety of Lightware devices, understand the simplicity and flexibility of integrating a Lightware system, and experience Lightware’s high-performance device features. Since its introduction, the Lightware Discovery Center has welcomed many students who have gained hands-on experience with Lightware’s solutions.

Mike Krejci, CTS-I, director of programming for Conference Technologies, Inc. (CTI), is one of the recent graduates at the Lightware Discovery Center. Krejci explains, “Members of the Conference Technologies, Inc. (CTI) team took part in Lightware’s first training at their Discovery Center in Las Vegas. The Lightware Discovery Center sits a stone throw away from the Las Vegas Strip. It is filled with a plethora of their products in a lab environment that’s designed to demonstrate the full potential of Lightware’s equipment.”

Lightware Discovery Center kicks off each training session by having participants connect their laptops to Taurus UCX. Lightware’s Taurus UCX simultaneously charges laptops while enabling users to access training materials, connect to the Internet, and harness USB pass-through for keyboard and mouse peripherals. Lightware utilizes the full power of USB-C to create a simple, quick connection and user experience.

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“During the Lightware Discovery Center course, I connected and configured Lightware’s Taurus UCX for the first time,” noted Krejci. “Let me tell you, their UI for configuration was easy to navigate. As part of the training, Lightware’s team has purposely configured the device to act unexpectedly. It was simple to solve the configuration, even without prior experience with the device. It was quite impressive.”

Lightware Discovery Center’s two-day educational course highlights Lightware’s technology and products, including a summary of the company’s past and current milestones, and the secret sauce that makes their innovations widely known and trusted across the AV industry. The sessions include hands-on courses covering Taurus UCX configurations, Lightware’s Cisco Webex functionality, MiniWeb Room Configuration experience and many other unique features that showcase Lightware’s simplicity and speed in creating a functional system.

“The hospitality of Lightware’s team made the trip even better,” said Krejci. “I met many of Lightware’s professionals for the first time during my visit to the Lightware Discovery Center. The conversations and socializing felt easy, as if we were long-time friends. The connections made during my education sessions will continue past this training and outside a business relationship.”

Jon Bullard, AV technical director for Pathway Technologies, added, “Lightware’s team provided valuable training that checked the boxes for what I needed and more. Following the two-day course, I am more prepared to use Lightware in our installations moving forward. I look forward to seeing their technology in action for our customers. As if the training wasn’t enough, Lightware’s ensured the training participants had a fun and enjoyable trip. A special ‘Thank you’ to Gellert and Allison!”