LG Intros 15″ and 65″ Smart TVs with Built-In UCC for Hospitals

LG1 LG2LG Business Solutions USA has announced two new hospital TVs in the form of a 65- and 15-inch (models 65US772M and 15LS766A respectively) as in-room smart TVs that also support the major UCC platforms.

LG hospital TVs have been certified by UL and are compliant with the general UL 60065 Standard (for Audio, Video and Similar Electronic Apparatus – Safety Requirements), as well as additional safety requirements in Annex Q, Equipment for Use in Health Care Facilities, that address risks identified by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) that are unique to healthcare facilities.

The company’s biggest-screen in-room hospital TV ever, the 65-inch 4K Ultra HD model 65US772M features LG’s NanoCell display technology for a sharp, vivid picture in an ultra-slim design. It joins the 55-inch 55US772M model in LG’s NanoCell-based hospital TV lineup.

The LG 65US772M provides built-in support for leading hospital pillow speakers and embedded broadband LAN capability so hospitals can deliver video on demand without requiring a separate set-top box in the patient room. It also includes LG EZ-Manager configuration software with an intuitive interface for setting up the TV to work in a hospital setting, plus a software-enabled access point feature that turns the TV into a Wi-Fi hotspot.

The 15-inch LG 15LS766A Personal Healthcare Smart Touch TV with webOS 5.0 includes LG’s IPS panel technology and a multi-touch screen. It is designed to be installed on an adjustable arm for use in shared spaces or smaller patient rooms and will support the new, modular LG AM-AC21EA video camera, which attaches securely to the 15LS766A and supports HD video communication.

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Both hospital TVs feature LG’s integrated Pro:Centric hospital management solutions with LG webOS 5.0 application software and Pro:Idiom digital rights management, allowing hospitals and LG’s patient engagement development partners to customize an interactive patient room experience with entertainment, hospital information, services, patient education, and more. Pro:Centric’s built-in support of the WebRTC communication platform makes it possible to conduct video calls between patients and clinicians or family, enabling a new level of engagement.

The new webOS 5.0 has been designed and implemented so that its Chromium web browser can be upgraded by LG’s solution partners to that of future webOS versions. An upgradeable webOS browser allows solution integrators to take advantage of new capabilities as they become available and further enhance their application platforms.

Here are the specs.