LG Electronics Showcases OLED Wave at CES 2020

LG OLED Wave 02

A CES this year, visitors are greeted at the LG Electronics booth with the LG OLED Wave, which is constructed with an array of flexible open-frame commercial displays from LG Business Solutions.

The colossal LG OLED Wave is made up of 200 55-inch LG OLED digital signage screens (128 convex and concave and 72 flat). Measuring 20 feet high and 82 feet wide, the exhibit gave CES attendees an immersive experience.

From the oceans to the Aurora Borealis in the northern sky, LG OLED Wave fills the senses with images and sounds that surround, transporting the audience to natural events and locations on Earth. They can even experience what it is like to walk beneath the ocean’s waves.

Visitors to LG’s CES 2020 booth also can view The Fountain, a hero zone that features a moving performance from 65-inch LG OLED rollable displays. The Fountain includes a synchronized performance from 20 of LG’s groundbreaking rollable OLED TVs. The razor-thin flexible displays show off image quality while rolling up and down in a choreographed sequence. The rollable LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R is the first TV in the world with a screen that can completely disappear from view, withdrawing into its aluminum base when not in use.

The LG OLED installations are a testament to the company’s digital signage technology leadership and its power to innovate. Display experts agree that LG OLED is the most evolved display technology on the planet, delivering pictures with absolute blacks and contrast from any vantage point. Self-lighting pixels, which can be turned on and off individually, help make images lifelike. Without the need for a backlight, LG OLED displays are lightweight and thin, allowing for TVs that can be mounted flush to the wall or made flexible enough to be rolled up like a poster.

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Since 2016, LG Business Solutions’ OLED installations have been must-see attractions at major international events. LG’s first OLED installation at CES, 2016’s LG OLED Tunnel, featured a dome-shaped configuration and displayed scenes of the night sky, winning LG a Red Dot Award for Spatial Communication. The next year, Senses of the Future, a large-scale light-based artwork presented at Milan Design Week, won the Milano Design Award 2017 for best installation and the Red Dot Grand Prix in the Spatial Communication category. The LG OLED Falls, unveiled at last year’s CES, repeated the Red Dot Award honor in 2019.