Legrand Brand Vantage Announces Alliance With Elemental LED

legrand vantage elemental led

Legrand‘s lighting control brand Vantage today announced a strategic alliance with the Lucetta brand from Elemental LED, a new partner in the Vantage LHUMAN Light Fixture Alliance. The partnership ensures Lucetta’s robust low-voltage linear lighting solutions pair with Vantage’s LHUMAN human centric lighting (HCL) solution, allowing installers to “create lighting scenes with precise color temperature to fit the user’s desired ambiance, lighting environment and lifestyle.”

U.S.-based Lucetta manufactures and engineers flexible LED tape light, factory-assembled fixtures and power supplies and accessories. Working to combine aesthetics and technology, Vantage says it is “effortlessly compatible with Lucetta lighting systems” — such as CELESTE linear lighting and OMNIDRIVE X power supplies — to deliver superior color rendering and smooth dimming performance down to dark.

The collaboration pairs Lucetta’s LED lighting solutions with Vantage’s LHUMAN HCL. LHUMAN enables tunable fixtures to be used in a lighting system and provides the tunable, controllable profiles needed to create lighting scenes with precise color temperature. With LHUMAN’s tunable profiles, available within Vantage’s Design Center software, designers and installers can provide clients with a “smart lighting design where circadian cycles play out over the day effortlessly.” To create the LHUMAN tunable profiles, Vantage claims to perform a thorough analysis of the color-tuning ability of the lighting fixtures using professional metering equipment, which guarantees performance and ease of integration.