Krell Ships New Room Equalization System

Evolution 707 0410

Krell Industries launched the new Krell Automatic Evolution-707-0410Room Equalization System (ARES) for the Evolution 707 surround preamp/processor. Supposedly developed entirely in house, the new firmware optimizes the performance of the Evolution 707 in any listening environment. This new upgrade is free of charge to the hundreds of existing Evolution 707 owners and will be included in new units shipping from the Krell factory.

ARES does not require a computer but uses an on-screen GUI to guide the user through the automatic setup and equalization process.  ARES analyzes the speakers’ capability, position, phase and distance relationships to determine ideal crossover points, delay, and volume settings. Listening room surfaces, speaker positioning and construction play a pivotal role in the overall sound quality of a system. ARES measures these effects against the inherent performance of the system’s speakers and corrects for irregular surfaces, problematic speaker locations, and unusual floor plans. A 32 bit dual core DSP running at 1.8-giga operations per second computes equalizer filter coefficients and applies individual curves to each of the 8.4 output channels.

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