Krell Ships Integrated Amp

S550i_Front-sm-0213Krell Industries has just started shipping the S-550i, a 275-watt amplifier that’s outfitted with balanced and single-ended inputs (XLR and RCA), an iPod dock and theater throughput mode. In addition, the amp includes multiple 12 Volt triggers, RS232 connectivity and rack mount ears.

The S-550i is powered by a 1,750-watt transformer and 68,000F of capacitance into a 5″ high chassis. This power supply feeds classic Krell circuitry throughout the topology using only discrete circuitry. The S-550i doubles its power output when a speaker’s impedance is halved. For the S-550i, the results are 275 watts into 8 ohms and 550 watts into 4 ohms with both channels driven.

The S-550i Integrated Amplifier retails for $5,000 and you can see all the specs here: