Kramer Introduces the VP-790 8-Input Digital Scaler/Switcher With Genlock

kramer-vp-790-1112Kramer’s newest scaler is the VP-790 ProScale, a digital scaler/switcher that adds 3G HD-SDI signal processing and genlock capability. The unit takes one of the inputs, scales the video, embeds the audio and outputs the signal to the computer graphics, DVI/HDMI and 3G HD-SDI outputs simultaneously.

With its genlock, the VP-790 is aimed at live events and broadcast video applications — it can accept signals of up to 3Gbps – 3G HD-SDI, offering 3:2 and 2:2 pull down, noise reduction and scaling for both SD and HD sources. In addition, it can output multiple aspect ratio selections of full, overscan, underscan, letterbox and panscan. The built-in ProcAmp includes color, hue, sharpness, noise, contrast and brightness while the unit’s non-volatile memory saves the final settings.

The VP-790 is enclosed in a 1U 19” rack mount enclosure and lists for $5,995. Complete specs are here.