Kramer Introduces 8×8 DVI Matrix

Kramer’s new VS−88DTP is a twisted pair-based matrix switcher for DVI signals. According to Kramer, it reclocks and equalizes the signal and has a maximum input data rate of 1.65Gbps, and is therefore HDTV compatible. The VS−88DTP has eight DVI−D inputs on DVI−I connectors, and eight DGKat twisted pair outputs (Kramer’s use of HDBaseT) on RJ-45 connectors.

Kramer claims the VS−88DTP has a system range of up to 225 feet (90 meters) at 1080i, or up to 98 ft.m (30 meter) at 1080p using their own shielded BC−DGKat524 cable. But with Kramer’s BC−DGKat623 cable, the unit has a range of up to 295 ft. (90 meter) at 1080i, or up to 230 ft. (70 meter) at 1080p. It’s housed in a 1U rack mountable enclosure.

Full specs are here.