Kramer Debuts 1G and H.264/265 AV-over-IP Streaming Boxes

kramer infocomm

Kramer expanded its AV-over-IP portfolio with two new products: KDS-17 and KDS-100. The company says the KDS-17 offers uses JPEG2K-like compression for video and audio streaming over 1GE networks. Designed for spaces requiring 4K60 4.4.4 video quality with minimal latency, it supports up to 1,000 video sources, making it suitable for command centers, meeting rooms, digital signage and more.

Kramer says the KDS-100 leverages the H.264/265 open standard for efficient bandwidth and interoperability. Its dual streaming capabilities make it designed for environments requiring live recording. Suitable for operations rooms, university auditoriums and command centers, the KDS-100 provides high-quality 4K60 4:2:2 video streaming and supports up to 1,000 video sources, facilitating easy deployment and scalability for any network AV installation size, according to Kramer.