Kordz to Debut New Cables in Future Ready Solutions Booth at InfoComm 2023


The Kordz lineup will be showcased at the Future Ready Solutions booth (3454) at InfoComm 2023; the lineup is designed to help systems integrators meet the advanced connectivity requirements of their commercial clientele and complete jobs quickly and confidently.

“Our new Cat6, Cat6A and HDMI cabling solutions demonstrated at InfoComm were developed to minimize the complications integrators often encounter when installing networks and connecting AV equipment,” says James Chen,vmanaging director, Kordz. “This unique combination of performance and installation ease fills a very important void in the commercial integration marketplace. We want to make integrators’ jobs easier and provide customers with the hassle-free connectivity experiences they expect. Whether a job calls for an end-to-end high-performance, high-bandwidth solution networking system or passive and active HDMI cabling in longer lengths, Kordz has all connectivity bases covered.”

A host of new and emerging technologies are quickly driving the demand for a networking solution that supports high-density, high-bandwidth applications — as well as performance standards including Cat6A and PoE++. Kordz says it helps integrators keep pace with technological evolution with the introduction of a new end-to-end Cat6A networking solution. The Kordz PRS SlimCat Cat6A Network Cable System features the same build quality and thin, flexible design as the cable of Kordz’s Cat6 PRO SlimCat Network Cable System announced in February 2023, but supports even higher data rates of 10Gbps up to 50 meters.

In addition to delivering connectivity for bandwidth-intensive applications, the robust, flexible, thin design of the PRS SlimCat Cat6A Network Cable and matching connectors and sockets offers space-saving advantages in dense rack installations. This improves connectivity reliability and equipment performance, says Kordz.

Additionally, the small cable footprint streamlines retrofit installations so that integrators can complete jobs quickly, confidently and profitably. The new PRS SlimCat Cat6A Network Cable System is fully compatible with PoE++ at 100W, and each component has been individually tested during each phase of production for quality assurance, comes with a lifetime warranty and complies with both EU and US fire rating standards.

Kordz believes it is setting a new standard in Cat6 network cabling design and installation with its new professional, high-performance networking solution PRO SlimCat Network Cable System. Measuring half the cross-sectional area of conventional 23AWG and 24AWG network cable, the 4mm PRO SlimCat Cable streamlines installation, especially in high-density and retrofit projects, and can reach places that other cables can’t.

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Kordz claims systems integrators can deploy small- and medium-sized networks quickly, confidently and profitably, using less conduit and with fewer complications often encountered by bulkier, more rigid Cat6 cabling options. Kordz’s next-gen PRO SlimCat Cat6 cable is as robust as it is thin and flexible, supporting 100W PoE++ and delivering 1Gbps network connectivity up to 50 meters. Complementing the Kordz PRO SlimCat Network Cable are matching PRO SlimCat RJ45 Crimp Connector and PRO SlimCat RJ45 Keystone Socket to provide compact end-to-end ANSI-TIA-58.2-D Category 6 permanent link performance. Like all Kordz products, each component of the Kordz PRO SlimCat Network Cable System has been individually tested during each phase of production for quality assurance, comes with a lifetime warranty and complies with both E.U. and U.S. fire rating standards.

Kordz continues to evolve its range to keep pace with the needs of systems integrators with the introduction of passive HDMI cables in longer lengths. Now available in both Kordz PRO and PRS ranges are passive HDMI cables measuring 7- and 9-meters. The long passive cables push the engineering envelope to deliver performance without the complication of active electronics in the head shells at either end of the cable, according to the company. This minimizes installation complexity and improves the reliability and longevity of the cable. Because the passive cables require no onboard electronics, Kordz is able to provide a lifetime warranty. In addition to installation benefits, the new longer-length passive HDMI cables enable trendsetting, future-ready AV performance, says the company. The PRO3 passive HDMI cable delivers 18G and supports 4K HFR; the PRS4 delivers 48G and is Ultra High Speed Certified for the support of 8K. It is the AV industry’s first certified 9-meter, 8K passive HDMI cable designed for professional integrators, according to Kordz.

Kordz will debuts its two new SlimCat network cable systems and longer-length HDMI cable alongside other offerings from its U.S. distributor, Future Ready Solutions in Booth 3454 at InfoComm 2023.