Kapoor Sales Corporation: Pioneering Excellence as India’s Premier Plastic Raw Materials and Polycarbonate Granules Distributor

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New Delhi, India – Kapoor Sales Corporation, revered as an ABS natural granule authorized distributor, proudly announces the expansion of its high-quality ABS and PC ABS granules. In the landscape of plastic raw materials and polycarbonate granules distribution, Kapoor Sales Corporation stands out as a leading wholesaler and the esteemed authorized distributor for industry behemoths such as Reliance, SABIC, Momentive, and Lotte Chemicals. Initiated by the foresighted Mr. B.R Kapoor in 1969, this family-operated venture has soared to become a dominant player in the Indian market. The year 2004 was a landmark moment with the introduction of House of Plastics, amplifying the firm’s mission to surpass customer expectations. Kapoor Sales Corporation distinguishes itself through a deep-seated commitment to catering to customer needs with sophisticated technical solutions.

A representative of the company underscored its devotion to quality through strategic partnerships with globally acclaimed manufacturers like SABIC, positioning themselves as key SABIC resin distributors and Lexan granules authorized distributors. These alliances affirm Kapoor Sales Corporation’s excellence and reputable standing in the marketplace as a supplier of special engineering plastics, commodity polymers, and high-grade silicones. The foundation of the company’s success lies in its robust infrastructure, featuring advanced warehouses that extend over 100,000 square feet across the nation, enabling peak efficiency and rapid service to its customers.

The product range at Kapoor Sales Corporation is vast, encompassing a wide array of special engineering plastics such as polycarbonate, PBT, LLDPE, ABS, PP, HDPE, PMMA, LDPE, PVC, alongside select chemicals like POLYURETHANE ADDITIVES and MMA. These offerings are procured from leading labels such as LEXAN, VALOX, CYCOLAC, and SABIC, catering to sectors including agriculture, automotive, building & construction, consumer, electrical & electronics, healthcare, industrial, mass transportation, and packaging. The emphasis on efficient logistics, swift transportation, and fair pricing by a representative of Kapoor Sales highlights the company’s focus on customer satisfaction and operational superiority.

Reiterating their commitment to excellence and quality, a spokesperson for Kapoor Sales shared insights on their role as SABIC PMMA resin suppliers and Lotte authorized distributors, acknowledging the significant impact of their products in the marketplace. The ambition to exceed customer expectations with premium products, effective services, and innovative solutions mirrors the core values of Kapoor Sales Corporation. This philosophy has cemented its position as a frontrunner in the distribution of plastic raw materials and polycarbonate granules, endorsing it as the preferred choice for discerning customers across the nation. With a legacy that spans over five decades, Kapoor Sales Corporation’s tradition of trust, exceptional quality, and customer-centric approach continues to fuel its journey towards future accolades in the industry.