Just Add Power Pushes 4K Latency Spec to 16ms from Source to Screen

Just Add Power (J+P) announced that its 3G Ultra HD Over IP series of solutions has been updated to send 4K video-over-IP with a 16 ms latency spec from source to screen. This is important because many AV-over-IP vendors lie and say “zero latency.” Using JPEG 2000 compression and aimed at ballparks, arenas, command centers and corporate AV 4K installations, J+P’s 3G Ultra HD over IP solutions are designed for virtual UHD distribution and matrixing applications across an AV network with at least 1G of bandwidth.

Using standard PoE, J+P solutions consume a maximum of 10 watts per device, decreasing power consumption by 30 percent and eliminating the cost of proprietary PoE injectors. They use standard network protocols (telnet, TCP/IP, UDP and multicast) and are built to work with off-the-shelf gigabit switches. Operating from an isolated, firewall-protected VLAN that has no access to other corporate databases, information, and servers, the device don’t require additional security measures.

All the detailed specs are here.