Juice Goose UPS Product Announcement

phpA4HbVjPMHOUSTON – April 8, 2014 — Juice Goose announces the new, energy saving P90-PRO Series of on‑line UPS products that reduce operating costs for end users and project cost for integrators.

The P90-PRO models feature a 0.90 power factor design that converts 90% of power line voltage and current into wattage. That’s 30% to 50% more real power than available from other audio industry  UPS models with 0.70 or 0.60 power factor specs. P90s allow a lower cost of operation and in many cases use of a smaller, less expensive UPS.

Beyond the higher power factor, the P90-PRO ECO Mode is a selectable feature which allows a power bypass of the battery circuitry when line voltage is within an acceptable range. Eliminating the overhead load of the UPS increases operating efficiency of the UPS to 98%.

When not in ECO mode, on‑line (double conversion)  circuitry provides a continuous charge on the UPS batteries while maintaining a complete barrier against any form of surge or voltage transient, no matter how small or how fast.

The P90‑PRO Series features an extended four year warranty plus a professional grade rack rail mounting kit and is available exclusively from Juice Goose. The P90‑PRO Series models include the 1000VA, 1500VA, 2000VA and 3000VA. Each can be rack, tower or wall mounted.