Jiesilu Boosts the Development of Digital Visualization of Advertising

The global digital signage market will be worth US $21.49 billion in 2020, with a compound annual growth rate of 7.5% from 2021 to 2028, and will reach US $38.23 billion by 2028. The decline in the cost of digital signage and display panels and the increase in investment in brand awareness are also included in the development of transportation, healthcare and the expanding digital infrastructure of companies in emerging countries.
Digital signage player can provide digital information, design promotion, creative advertising and other services, enabling digital signage to be used in many vertical industries, such as retail, hotels, entertainment, sports venues, health care, enterprises, banks, etc. However, with the development of AI, 5G and other new technologies, and the growing popularity of high-definition display technology, the market demand for digital signage products is also growing.
Faced with the rapid growth of the global digital signage market scale and changing application needs, Jiesilu focuses on upgrading the overall digital signage solution and improving its service capabilities. Based on the latest Internet of Things technology, create a new digital signage solution to accelerate the intelligent upgrading of digital signage.
In order to meet the differentiated needs of overseas markets, the new series of digital sign player AdBox released by Jiesilu has been further optimized in terms of appearance, material and structural design, demonstrating the spirit of craftsmanship. The AdBox digital sign terminal is die cast, small in size, supports wall mounting, adjusts more application scenarios, and facilitates customer installation and product upgrading.
AdBox digital label player is based on Quad core A53’s long life cycle CPU, which can meet customers’ long-term and stable supply needs. It belongs to MINI player. Dual channel LPDDR4X memory granules have both performance and cost advantages; The rich USB interface design can expand more peripherals; Fully support 4G/5G, WIFI6 allows you to experience high-speed mobile network; HDMI+DP 4K asynchronous dual screen display smooth video decoding capability.
As the latest generation of high-performance digital signage player, AdBox uses a new processor with powerful display performance. It supports HDMI+DP three-way display output and 4K ultra-high definition display. 4G/5G, WIFI6, and dual gigabit wired networks can meet the fast transmission requirements of different types of wired and wireless scenarios. They are equipped with TPM2.0 modules to ensure the security of equipment data. AdBox digital label player, with power consumption of only 15W, mute and energy saving, can be used in scenes with good indoor conditions.
Jiesilu also launched an information release system, which integrates animation, information release, human-computer interaction, data display and analysis, advertising operation and other functions. Easy to operate, it can help overseas digital signage customers to easily conduct front-end operation and back-end management, and achieve more personalized and rich multi-function requirements.
As a high-quality commercial digital signage display solution provider, Jiesilu has been committed to meeting and exceeding customer needs. We aim to use our own advantages to create better digital signage solutions, bring the ultimate signage solutions to users in retail supermarkets, rail transit, medical and other industries, and promote the development of ubiquitous visualization.