International Entertainment Solutions (IES), California’s leading event production industry chooses Videotel, Inc. for its solid state digital signage solutions

videotel12Jonathan Piumelli, President of International Entertainment Solutions (IES), recently said, “Videotel products have been an essential part of my arsenal of resources for both integration as well as rental & staging applications for more than three years now. I highly recommend their robust players and accessories for anyone that needs bulletproof playback or a solid digital signage solution!”

International Entertainment Solutions (IES) is one of the largest event production, film and video and live entertainment creative powerhouses in California. IES events include the promotion of George Clooney’s film Up in the Air; President Obama’s public address in Beverly Hills; the latest Hollywood Film Awards, which featured the likes of Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Morgan Freeman; the most recent Publicist Guild Awards, during which George Lucas was honored; as well as the production of the Golden Globes.

In other words, IES is a heavy hitter in California’s event production industry, which means the company is under constant pressure to make each event better than expected, and that is why Videotel takes great pride in the fact that companies like IES trust its products.

The reason IES trusts Videotel for its technical equipment requirements is the cutting edge technology Videotel offers, including digital signage solutions, digital signage media players, and industrial auto looping media players and auto looping DVD players.

Videotel can offer digital signage solutions for not only the entertainment industry, but also in the industries of healthcare, hospitality, retail, museum, university, restaurant, gaming and casino, government, and religious venues.

Videotel has 34 years of digital signage experience. That experience enables them to place next-generation technology in the hands of the industry’s elite, and these industry leaders can be confident that the hardware and solutions Videotel provides can provide solutions to even the most complex events.

About Videotel Inc.

Videotel Inc. is the leading nationwide manufacturer of the HD2600 industrial looping DVD player and of industrial media players, digital signage players, interactive digital signage solutions and custom video kiosks.

Videotel is based in San Diego, Calif., with over 34 years of market experience in developing simply reliable industrial digital media players and interactive solutions.

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