Insight Media Releases Report on Microprojectors with Solid-State (LED & Laser) Illumination

Insight Media, a insightmedia-0112market research firm specializing in new technology, has released a report called the 2012 Solid State Projector Report: Forecasts, Human Factors, Technology and Market Factors for Micro Projectors with Solid State Illumination. This report covers micro-projectors, which currently produce outputs in the 50 – 500 lumen range, expected to go up to a maximum of 2000 lumens by 2016. Microprojectors have been available since 2005 and are available around the world from multiple vendors.

“It is critical to understand how end-users have used these microprojectors,” said lead analyst Matthew Brennesholtz. “End users have found a very wide variety of applications for these small projectors and any individual will typically use his projector for multiple applications. This makes versatility the key to microprojector marketing.”

“While the current market volume is modest, as light output grows, these solid state projectors will begin to become attractive for main stream projection applications,” said Insight Media president, Chris Chinnock. “This could drive sales to over 1 million units per year or more by 2016, depending on which forecast scenario (conservative, optimistic or expected) develops.”

Part 1 of this report covers the technology, human factors and market drivers that are common for all market segments for mobile projectors with solid-state and hybrid illumination. For 2012, this common section has been completely updated and expanded from the version used in Insight Media’s 2011 picoprojector reports.

Part 2 of the report then takes a deep-dive into how this general information applies to microprojectors. The use-model for these systems was investigated to understand in detail what an end-user expects when he buys a microprojector.  Part 2 of the report also provides optimistic, conservative and expected forecasts through 2016 for these microprojectors with solid-state illumination.  These forecasts include both unit sales and revenue.

The 2012 Solid State Projector Report is the fourth in Insight Media’s series on projectors with LED and laser illumination. The 2011 Picoprojector/Smartphone, 2011Picoprojector/Camera and 2011 Stand-Alone Picoprojector reports have already been released and a report on projectors with hybrid illumination will follow.

You can check out all the report details here: